"Time to Act": Uzbekistan at an international conference on climate change

Together with a number of UN special agencies, the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia, Uzbekistan agreed to develop action plans to strengthen national capacities to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Uzbekistan took part in the conference of the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change - COP-25.

The Global Climate Forum, the largest international platform for discussing ways to address the critical issues of climate change, is being held this year in Madrid under the banner “Time to Act.” The conference is attended by representatives of over 190 countries, international organizations and NGOs.

The republic’s delegation was headed by Bahriddin Nishanov, First Deputy Center of the Hydrometeorological Service under the Cabinet of Ministers. Speaking at a meeting of the high-level segment COP-25, he, in particular, informed the participants about the progress of the republic in fulfilling its international obligations under the Paris climate agreement, as well as about the transition to a green economy.

“In order to fulfill the obligations under the Paris Agreement, Uzbekistan adopted the Strategy for the transition of the republic to the green economy for the period 2019-2030, which is aimed at the consistent modernization of industry, improving energy efficiency and energy conservation in key sectors of the economy. A law has been adopted and long-term goals have been set in the field of renewable energy, "he said.

The Uzbek delegate appealed to the international community to support the efforts of the republic in the person of its leadership in addressing the negative consequences of the drying out of the Aral Sea. He emphasized the urgency of establishing and expanding cooperation between the UN Multi-Partnership Trust Fund for Human Security, established under the auspices of the Aral Sea region, and the donor community in order to implement effective projects for socio-economic rehabilitation in the region affected by the environmental crisis.

Within the framework of the forum, separate negotiations were held with international donor organizations. In particular, at meetings with representatives of the UN Green Climate Fund, the United Nations Agricultural and Food Organization, the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia, as well as the delegations of Germany and Italy, prospects for expanding project cooperation on minimizing the effects of climate change were discussed.

Solar potential: how much alternative energy can Uzbekistan receive

An agreement was reached on the joint development of action plans to strengthen national capacities to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Recall that in May 2019 Mirziyoyev signed the law “On the use of renewable energy sources”, as a result of which energy producers received a number of tax benefits: in particular, plant manufacturers are exempted from paying all types of taxes for a period of 5 years from the date of registration, and consumers “green energy” in residential premises - from the payment of land tax and property tax for individuals for a period of three years.

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