Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbayev presented the main results of the implementation of the Concept on the Transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a Green Economy for 2014-2017.

The development of the power industry in terms of its greening is based on the development of renewable energy, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the energy sector and supply of the country with gas. According to the minister, in 2017, about 1.1 billion kW/h of green energy was produced. In 2018, it is planned to introduce another 138 MW of renewable energy.

To date, there are 58 enterprises operating in the country using renewable energy sources with a total capacity of 352 MW. As a result of 2018, the total capacity of RES will be about 490 MW (68 facilities).

“In the long term, the decline in the cost of RES is due to the introduction of the auction mechanism. On the one hand, this will make the process of selection of projects and investors transparent and understandable, on the other hand, choose more efficient technologies and projects that will minimize the impact on the tariffs of users through the introduction of renewable energy capacities,” said Bozumbayev.

Since May 23, the spring session of the first auction bidding for the selection of construction projects has started. Throughout the year, one GW of renewable energy will be put up. According to Bozumbayev, the first auction showed interest of market participants. During the spring session, about 250 MW will be sold, winners will be drawn and determined. Auction prices at a starting price of 22.68 tenge per wind energy show a decline in value to 17.49 tenge, which is almost 23 percent.

“In the coming days, six winners will already sign 15-year contracts for the purchase of electricity. Now we already can say that we have chosen the right direction for the development of renewable energy,” said Bozumbayev.

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