Until 2020, the MNE of RK plans to put into operation 52 renewable energy sources. Currently, 55 renewable energy sources (RES) operate in Kazakhstan with a total capacity of 336 megawatts. By the end of 2020, the MNE RK plans to put into operation about 52 renewable energy sources with a total capacity of two gigawatts with a total investment volume of almost 1 trillion tenge.

“The EBRD plans to invest in RES 200 million euros with the possibility of attracting private investment in RES RK, investments of other international financial institutions for a total of up to 48 million euros,” the minister of energy said.

Head of the Ministry of Investment and Development Zhenis Kasymbek reported on attracting investments. He said that the agency, together with the national company Kazakh Invest, developed a basic list of 145 investment projects worth $ 47.8 billion. Among them there are such projects as “Kazakhstan-China”, “Kazakhstan-Russia”, “Kazakhstan-Turkey” and others. Within the framework of the “Kazakhstan-China” program, 51 projects are implemented for a total of $ 27.7 billion.

“Four projects have already been implemented for $ 140 million, with 11 projects under construction in 2018. Six projects are planned to be commissioned for $ 363 million, and five projects involving Chinese capital with volume will be launched this year $ 623 million The Kazakh-Turkish cooperation program “New Synergy” consists of 26 projects, of which one project has been implemented, this year it is expected to build two projects, “the head of the MIR RK said.

In total, out of 145 projects this year, the ministry plans to begin construction of 15 projects worth $ 1.6 billion and launch 23 projects worth $ 3 billion.

For example, the proposal of the Chinese company Cathay to create a biochemical cluster with an investment volume of $ 2.5 billion. Under this project, Kazakh Invest conducts a detailed study and search for a Kazakh partner. The Ministry intends not to be limited to the basic list. In the future, it will include projects that will attract funds from international financial institutions – ADB, EBRD, World Bank, including PPP projects. All these projects are assigned personal responsibility both in the ministry and in Kazakh Invest.

Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, after listening to the reports of the ministers, instructed them to improve their work.

“Zhenis Makhmudovich, I ask you to take full control of this work.” According to the program “100 Steps” to attract anchor investors from the side of the head of state, criticism was voiced. “According to China: 51 Chinese-Kazakh projects were mentioned. more than 20 thousand jobs.Each project, implemented with the Chinese side, meets the new standards.You must bring all the work together with Kazakh Invest to the population.For anchor projects in our time we talked about the monotown city, about attracting investors. EC Mahmudovich, please pay attention to it “, – said Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

In Kazakhstan, for the 25 years of independence, $ 300 billion of foreign direct investment was channeled. This is 80% of all investments in the region. Now the American company Chevron is investing $ 35 billion in the Tengiz economy. The development of Kashagan cost us $ 55 billion. After came General Electric, after him other companies. They all work for the economy of Kazakhstan, President Nursultan Nazarbayev told during a press conference as part of an official visit to the United States.Mayor of the SKR Zhanseit Tuimebayev noted at the meeting with the people of the region that one of the main priorities is the creation of favorable conditions for the development of production, the provision of the necessary infrastructure. He also stressed that in the region this year 6 projects are being implemented in the direction of the green economy. One of these projects is a solar power plant in the rural district of Jylga, Saryagash district.

It should be noted that LLP “EcoProTech-Astana”, which is implementing the project, costing 14 billion tenge, plans to produce 20 MW of electricity per hour. To date, construction work is carried out on the territory of 41 hectares. Construction is carried out at the expense of the domestic investor. This will be the first station, which will channel most of the electricity generated to the railway industry.

“This is an important step aimed at developing the green economy. The construction of a complex project is being implemented by DAY ENERGY GmbH. The station for the production of high-quality electricity will apply the experience of Germany, “said Nazirjon Temirov, director of LLP” EcoProTech-Astana “.

In addition, in the Tolebi district, a small hydroelectric power plant Kees will be built, with a capacity of 2.5 MW. At the same time, in the city of Zhetysay in the territory of 10.7 hectares there is a plan to build a solar power plant with a capacity of 4.8 MW.

In addition, solar power plants will appear in Baidibek and in Otyrar districts, each with a capacity of 40 and 135 MW.

Recall that at present there are 10 renewable energy sources in the region with a total capacity of 10.22 MW. Of these, 4 solar and 5 small hydroelectric power stations, as well as one biogas plant.

Due to this in the area in 2017, the level of providing renewable energy sources was 2.7%, and in 2018 this figure is planned to increase to 3.1%.

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